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Analyze Pricing

Analyze product pricing trends to gain insight into when and why prices are changing in the marketplace.

Track Sellers

Quickly track down sellers displaying prices below the "Minimum Advertised Price" (MAP) agreement.

Listen to Feedback

Find out what customers are saying about your products. Easily stack products against the competition with the "aggregate review score".

Stay Competitive

Compare your prices against the competition to identify sellers with the most competitive pricing.

Gain deep market insight!

Just a few of the different types of reports you can create right now...

Competitive Pricing Report

Compares pricing of products to competitive products at various sellers. [ More ]

MAP Violation Report

Identifies sellers retailing products below the specified "Minimum Advertised Price" (MAP) price. [ More ]

Price Change History Report

Displays price change history of a product at various sellers. [ More ]

Product Review Report

Summarizes product ratings and reviews contributed by actual consumers on various seller websites. [ More ]

Product Seller Report

Provides information from sellers retailing a selected product such as price, stock, rebate, etc. [ More ]

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